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Avondale, Chicago also widely known as the “Polish Village” is a northwest neighborhood of Chicago spanning from Diversey Avenue to Addison Street. This neighborhood has a long and bountiful history of polish immigration and community. The streets became a safe common ground for thousands of polish immigrants where stores, language, and customs all gave them a glimpse of life back in Poland. 

Though the polish community has now shifted all over suburbs and other areas of the US,  the polish roots of Avondale are still clear. This area stands for the beginning of chasing the American Dream and finding means of survival for so many immigrants who now call Chicago or the US their forever home.

Gain an understanding of the neighborhood and the importance of the history of this area by exploring the different pages of this site. 

 This short video shows some of the highlights of Avondale just a few years ago. Though the video is in Polish there are also English subtitles so everyone can follow along with the quick interviews and historical background the videographer provides.


To hear more about the history of Poles in Chicago and more of the reasons why so many Poles chose to immigrate specifically to Chicago and then stay there, check out this podcast which talks to polish immigrants and historians.


This vlog-style YouTube video walks you through what the streets of the Polish Village look like just a few years ago, focusing on specific businesses and the overall changing atmosphere of the neighborhood. This video is completely in Polish but it’s still a great way to see what the neighborhood truly looks like even if you don’t understand what the man is saying.

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